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Acclaimed director Robert Eggers’ third feature film takes viewers to 10th-century Europe for a brutally violent and intense revenge drama. With “The Northman,” Eggers has received a massive budget boost compared to his first two features, the eerie colonial New England-set “The Witch” and the intimate, surrealist fantasy “The Lighthouse.” The Northman might be his most ambitious project yet with an ending that’s equal parts “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” and “Troy.” Wondering what it all means for our favorite lupine viking and his quest for revenge once the credits begin to roll? This is the ending of “The Northman” explained.

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Amleth takes his revenge | 0:00
A fallen king | 1:52
Vengeance at all costs | 3:25
What’s next for Robert Eggers? | 5:01

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