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If you’ve seen only one or two James Bond movies over the years, you may not realize that there’s an overarching plot that extends across the sprawling series. That’s right; James Bond might be something of a gadget-reliant super hero, but he’s still very much a man, one who reaps consequences for every action he sows. This is especially true in the later films, which are very conscious of everything that has come before. And while every film in the Bond canon is standalone, fans who understand the larger plot point will definitely get more out of these experiences. We finally understand the entire James Bond timeline.

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SPECTRE | 0:00
Global domination | 1:43
Bond’s Nuptials | 2:53
Changing of the guard | 4:07
New killers | 5:11
Bond in space | 6:29
Dalton’s Bond | 7:38
’90s Bond | 8:41
New era | 9:54
New threats | 11:20
Blast from the past | 12:38
Making peace | 13:59
Retirement | 14:44
Stopping Heracles | 15:41
Legacy of life | 16:05

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