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When watching works of fiction, one often must suspend their disbelief to become fully immersed. But sometimes, if you’re watching a show and a character is dressed in something especially off the wall, it can be tough to ignore. And this happens far more often than you may realize.

Perhaps you’ve noticed such an occurrence before; you were watching an episode from one of your favorite shows and suddenly you’re hit with a wardrobe that distracts you the entire time. If this is something that stands out to you, these are the TV costumes that took things too far.

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Carrie Bradshaw’s bejeweled underwear | 0:00
Fox Mulder’s oversized jacket | 1:13
John Astin’s Riddler costume | 2:03
Star Trek’s “skants” | 3:05
The Green Arrow’s sleeveless armor | 4:02
Moira Rose’s wedding outfit | 5:02
Nathaniel Barnes’ Executioner costume | 5:55
Sue Ellen Mischke’s bra top | 6:44
Dune’s peculiar headwear | 7:44
Arzola’s misshapen tank top | 8:28
Nathan Fielder’s chili contraption | 9:00

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