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Hello. You’re probably sitting there, thinking “I could write about games and their artistic value”. You might very well be right, but there’s only one way to truly know if you’ve got the mettle to write with us! You have to click the  button, form a pitch, send it to us and wait to hear back! Gah, the tension is killing ME! GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!!!!

…Except wait, there’s no darkness, there’s no slash of the scythe in Death’s cold fingers. Perhaps there is nothing to fear. Perhaps, you have nothing to lose by pitching your ideas to us. Surely you are a good writer, and just as surely are you sure that your name is not Shirley dammit! You’re going to get that pitch written up, sent our way, and you know we’re going to approve it because you are a genius just waiting to be realized! You’ll write the post, get paid, beat the villain, and make sure it goes in a museum because dammit IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM! It is art itself! Can you not SEE that!?

Or — or, you’re just looking to submit an article pitch you had and see if a site such as our own here would be interested in such a topic as your brain has conjured up one day. OR all the above, in which case by goodness man/woman, breathe!

Now obviously we can’t take every pitch we get, but if we accept your pitch, you’ll get a chance to sit alongside the rest of our illustrious rants, ravings, and delusions of grandeur-err, I mean of course, reviews, previews, interviews, and features.

Down to business then? Well, we accept reviews, features, interviews, and opinion pieces, so start putting pen to paper (or your hand, or the nearest billboard — whatever works) and send your submissions to write@artistryingames.com. I 100% guarantee they will not all be eaten by a parrot named Gerard with his breakfast crisps.