Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Gets Off to Strong Start

SGDQ 2014–Summer Games Done Quick, the summertime edition of the bi-annual charity speedrunning marathon, began its 2014 edition yesterday. Held in support of Doctors Without Borders, the event has already raised in excess of $60,000 as of the time of writing—despite only having been running for some sixteen hours.


Growing exponentially in popularity since the inaugural Classic Games Done Quick event back in 2010, Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 marked a new high in terms of donations, raising over $1 million—more than all the previous events combined.

A selection of some of the best speedrunners currently on the scene have gathered in Denver for this summer’s event, and will be streaming runs constantly from now until June 28 on the Twitch channel for the event and its official website. The eclectic mix of games spans from classics like Donkey Kong Country and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to less well-cherished fare like Ninjabread Man and Bible Adventures.

There’ll be plenty of gaming prowess on show throughout the week, as well as regular prize giveaways for those contributing a donation and some unique events like head-to-head races on particular games between rival runners. A special bundle supporting the event has also been made available for purchase via Humble Bundle.

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