Payday 2 Soundtrack Grows Alongside Bonus In-Game Content

Overkill Soundtracks–Patches to add extra content to a game are pretty standard fare these days, especially on the PC scene–but patches that extend a game’s soundtrack are much less common. Payday 2 players will be able to enjoy a host of new tracks as well as some new in-game goodies in a patch now available via Steam.


The well-received soundtrack to the co-operative FPS has now swelled to 22 tracks, but it’s not just the music itself that’s on offer. There’s also materials for you to remix into your own Payday-inspired creations, as well as customization options for your in-game avatar designed by winners of a recent Poetry Jam competition held by the game’s developers.

All this content is available via a free patch for owners of Payday 2, but if you’re just interested in having a listen to some of the soundtrack, then you can do so on Overkill Soundtracks’ official Band Camp page. For fans looking to support this kind of move, the Payday 2 Official Soundtrack is currently on offer as part of the Steam Summer Sale, with 67% off its normal price until June 30—the same offer applies to the game itself also.

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