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Sorry about that, but when I talk about Brutal Legend, the most metal game ever, I get a little excited. This game is terrific! Before we go any further, I have to confess; I am a huge fan of heavy metal. While I listen to other genres of music, metal is by far my favorite. Needless to say, I was excited for the release of this game, and I still hold it in high regard. The game just oozes personality and creativity from every note, creating one of the most interesting and visually striking virtual worlds you can explore. The game had issues, yeah, but the overall experience more than made up for some shortfalls.

Brutal Legend follows Eddie Riggs, voiced by metal fan and gamer Jack Black, a roadie who is tired of being involved with less metal bands than he would prefer. During a show, Eddie becomes crushed and bleeds onto his belt buckle which is really an amulet for… well, all you really need to know is Eddie is transported to a land inspired by the heavy metal covers of old.

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Yeah. This game is awesome.

In this world, humans are oppressed by the evil Doviculus, voiced by the delightfully malicious Tim Curry. A small resistance attempts to overthrow the evil tyrant and ensure humanity’s freedom. One of these resistance members is Ophelia, who Eddie is falling for and she for him. The resistance learns Doviculus has a spy in their ranks, and naturally Ophelia is the main suspect, because tension! While the resistance gives chase to their enemies, Eddie is forced to leave his lady behind. Heartbroken and depressed, Ophelia lives up to her namesake and throws herself into the Sea of Black Tears. However, she emerges as something… not human. She has become Eddie’s newest nemesis, blaming him for her transformation.

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Good luck with that Eddie…

While the game is filled with amazing music, our favorite has to be the moment when Eddie encounters the transformed Ophelia. What makes this moment so effective is how well-written the characters are, making us actually feel a little for them. The theme of love lost to betrayal is one predating Shakespeare, and is almost always effective. But the credit for the characters has to go to Mr. Schafer for not only creating such interesting ones, but also fleshing them out with great dialogue. Another thing that makes this moment so special? It involves one of the best Ozzy Osbourne songs to have been recorded, “Mr. Crowley.”  Without further ado, let us get to some metal!

I cannot think of a better song to compliment the events that are unfolding. The ominous organs, Ozzy’s haunting voice, everything just fits together like a puzzle. If you have never played this game, I urge you to give it a try. Need further convincing? Okay, okay. Stay tuned and I’ll convince your socks off ya!

Have a very metal day!   \m/

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