This Is Who Should Have Killed Thanos All Along

Thanos may have ultimately gotten his just desserts from the whole crew in Avengers: Endgame, but he could have tasted defeat at the hands of just one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Chatting with during San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that he believes an Avenger could have defeated Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan singlehandedly had he not summoned his army to continue fighting in his name.

The hero who would have whooped Thanos’ purple b*** in a one-on-one battle? None other than Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, whom Feige said is, quote, “probably near the upper echelons of power” when it comes to ranking the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige isn’t the only one who feels Scarlet Witch would have killed Thanos if he hadn’t started blowing up the battlefield in a desperation move.

Avengers: Endgame co-screenwriter Stephen McFeely and co-director Joe Russo are of the opinion that she was Thanos’ greatest adversary on the battlefield, even sharing their thoughts that the Mad Titan had to effectively cheat to beat her. As McFeely said during an Endgame commentary track,

“She’s really the biggest threat to Thanos on this field.”

Joe Russo agreed, saying,

“She is a very powerful character, and he has to in a way, cheat, and sacrifice his own armies, just to escape her.”

Russo also added some more context as to where Wanda’s powers come from in the MCU, which has always been somewhat ambiguous, especially compared to her brother Quicksilver.

But Joe Russo cleared things up with his Endgame commentary, saying,

“Wanda’s powers have a lot to do with her internal life. And there’s a growth to the powers and [a] growth of her internal life and her ability to harness them, and the emotion and pain caused by Vision’s death has caused an acceleration of that growth.” Keep watching the video to see that this is who should have killed Thanos all along!

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