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There are some details that go by so quickly in the final trailer for Todd Phillips’ Joker you could hardly be blamed for not noticing them, while others are subtle thematic touches that speak to exactly what kind of Joker we’re dealing with here. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the small details you may have missed in the final Joker trailer

While Arthur’s mother Penny is prominently featured in the first Joker trailer, we don’t see her much this time around. She’s only in a couple of brief shots and her face is covered when she appears. But what’s happening to Penny in the final trailer may be the main catalyst that sparks Fleck’s transformation — it appears as if Arthur’s mother is dying.

When Arthur realizes talk show host Murray Franklin is on TV and talking about him, he’s in his mother’s hospital room. We briefly see Penny in her bed on the right, with a breathing apparatus attached to her face, possibly with a breathing tube inserted. If that’s the case, then there’s a good chance Penny Fleck isn’t long for this world. Her death, if it happens, could be enough to finally push Arthur over the edge.

We hear Joaquin Phoenix’s chilling Joker cackle early in the final trailer, though the circumstances surrounding it are strange. Fleck is walking down a hallway in an unknown building while buttoning up a shirt. Considering the creepy clown stuff in the background and the dressing room lights similar to the ones seen in the first trailer, this is likely the headquarters for his professional clowning gig, and he’s just ended his shift.

Keep watching the video to see details in the final Joker trailer only true fans noticed!

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