Musical Moments: Shadow of the Colossus

Musical Moments: Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most memorable games of all time. How many other titles task you with slaying gigantic rock colossi in a gorgeous world with a minimalist but powerful narrative and a trusty horse to boot? While other games have you fighting colossus-like creatures, (Castlevania: Lord of Shadows springs to mind) none have captured the magic of Shadow.  There is one piece in particular that sticks out in my mind. This piece is the accompanying music to your first encounter with the colossi, and it sets the tone for the battle and the game. (Skip ahead to 3:25 for the good stuff.)

The music really speaks for itself. It is epic, sweeping, and embroils you in the tension of scaling a monstrous creature in a desperate battle for survival. The game has other great moments, but to deliver one this strong straight up really whets your anticipation for what is to come and encourages you to press forward.



The soundtrack was composed by  Kow Otani. Mr. Otani has scored many anime, films, and games, but what stands out in his resume is his scoring of the Gamera reboot films. Gamera is a famous Kaiju (monster movie) series in Japan about a giant flying turtle who can breathe fire. Why? Well don’t all turtles breathe fire?! So before he scored a game about slaying giant creatures, he scored movies about giant creatures destroying civilization. I wonder if someone at Team Ico was a Gamera fan…..

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  1. Random note. When I try to tweet these articles it sticks the link in my tweet twice. Might want to fix that.

        1. Sweet. Great to hear. We’ll keep doing it for sure, and thanks for the well wishes. Also, thanks a ton for sharing about Artistry in Games via Twitter. It’s really appreciated. Truly. Cheers!

  2. speaking of games with amazing OST you should look at the game Nier. A lot of people over look it because of its outdated graphics but the music is amazing. At least in my oppinion

    1. Nier is always a game that comes up when discussing under rated games of the last generation. I really want to get to it; I just always get caught up in something else. Thanks for the heads up though! I’ll definitely check it out now.

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