What The End Of The Boys Meant

Now that we’ve all watched the first season of The Boys, let’s untangle all the plot threads left dangling at the end of the season finale and figure out where we stand with these comics-inspired characters and their superpowered stories. Spoilers ahead!

The last we see of Hughie, he’s helped his teammates escape. He leaves Starlight behind at the warehouse where they were being held, so she can try to resuscitate A-Train. We don’t know where Hughie’s allies run to, but so far they seem pretty adept at finding hideouts when they need to.

Hughie has grown in leaps and bounds. In spite of Butcher calling him “pathetic” in the season finale because Hughie refuses to help him kidnap Madelyn, the truth is Hughie is as strong as any character in The Boys. He’s grown from a young man still living with his dad too afraid to ask for a raise at work to an outlaw who murders a member of the world’s most prestigious superhero team, infiltrates that same team’s headquarters in a plot to bug their conference room, and purposely gets himself captured in the season finale so he can rescue his new friends from what promises to be torture and death.

Yes, he yells “I’m sorry!” over and over as he fires an assault rifle at the men guarding Kimiko …

…but hey, a few episodes ago he was too meek to tell his dad he didn’t like pizza rolls. Give the guy a break. Baby steps.

Initially known simply as “The Female,” the powerful but silent Kimiko enjoys her own evolution in this first season. When she’s introduced in the fourth episode, she’s too wild and savage for anyone to leave unbound. When Frenchie frees Kimiko, we see how physically powerful she is and the violence of which she’s capable. We eventually learn Kimiko was kidnapped by terrorists and used as a lab rat.

At first, Kimiko won’t even let Frenchie get near her. But by the season finale, she’s changed. She still isn’t talking much, but the Boys manage to win her trust, particularly Frenchie. Before the black ops team assaults the Boys’ motel room, she’s cleaned herself up and put on makeup, and she’s clearly affected by the young woman she sees in the mirror. Keep watching the end of the video to see what the end of The Boys meant!

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Hughie is a new man | 0:12
Kimiko is a new woman | 1:07
Mother’s Milk and Frenchie make peace | 1:59
Butcher has a rude awakening | 2:38
Madelyn is gone | 3:28
Homelander is extra dangerous | 4:28
The future of Vought | 5:41
Starlight’s future is uncertain | 6:34
Queen Maeve’s fading loyalty | 7:39
The Deep may be going deep | 8:47
A New World Order | 9:49


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