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Now that Marvel Studios has confirmed that Mahershala Ali will lead the Blade reboot as Eric Brooks, artists and Photoshop experts have created edits and illustrations imagining what Ali could look like as the Daywalker. Here’s a glimpse at some of the best.

Using a poster of Mahershala Ali as the devious Vector in Alita: Battle Angel, artist @mizuriofficial whipped up a cool edit of what the actor might look like as Blade. Ali’s Blade rocks black sunglasses and an all-black suit, holding a massive sword ready to slice and dice any vampires that come his way.

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Blade with a blade | 0:14
Blade bares his teeth | 0:31
Blade concept art | 0:55
Blade broods | 1:17
A b***** good Blade | 1:37
A classic smile | 1:55
The Blade staredown | 2:19
Ready for action | 2:34
A Blade poster | 3:02
It’s clobberin’ time | 3:16
Blade with red eyes | 3:37

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