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Music is essential for any game. The ability to evoke emotions through the beats of the drums or the strumming of the guitar can make one’s gaming experience much more satisfying.
Especially for sports games like FIFA, the various handpicked soundtracks by Electronic Arts (EA) are always well received. This year, the ‘next-gen’ game FIFA 14 has done it again. It has managed to bring about massive traffic and popularity to the indie bands and singers that were included in its soundtrack.
Justin Bieber? Miley Cyrus? You won’t get that kind of mainstream music in FIFA. What you’ll get is occasional famous bands such as the legendary Nine Inch Nails and a whole lot of singers and bands you’ve probably never heard of. However, to be honest, the music they come up with is pretty d*** good. And that’s an understatement.
Here are some of my personal favorites:
This is by far my favorite song in the entire soundtrack. When this song came out while I was tweaking my team’s formation in career mode, I was absolutely captivated. It was so good I even had it on replay for days. I guess the reason why EA picked this song might be because of the lyrics? There’s a line that goes “we are believers, we are believers…” On a day when your team is losing and frustration sets in, maybe this song will keep you believing.
Has a really catchy tune to it. Makes me wanna dance the first time I heard it. Great for a little celebratory dance when you’ve won the title or just beaten a friend on Ultimate Team!
Another catchy song! Repetitive lyrics and high pitched tunes make this a vibrant and joyful song to listen to. Before I knew it, I was singing “We’re on our way, way way…” One song that’ll definitely get your head bobbing or your feet tapping away.
This one is the catchiest among them all. Each time I’m at the menu screen and I hear this, it just gives me this indescribable vibe that makes me feel- ‘Let’s do this!’ Just like its title, when you hear it, it means it’s time to hit the field and play a match!

Well there you have it. These in my opinion are just some of the best songs from the soundtrack. Some might beg to differ but everybody has different opinions and musical tastes.

In all the soundtrack of FIFA 14 is surprisingly good and adds a plus sign for this ever popular sports simulation game. Not only does it enhance the gaming experience, it also serves as a platform for less known singers to make a mark in the highly competitive industry. And for that this soundtrack deserves thumbs up.

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