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Team Fortress 2 Site Posts Mysterious Countdown

In News by Brad JonesLeave a Comment

Team Fortress 2 ARG–A countdown timer on Valve’s Official Team Fortress 2 site has set fans’ minds racing as to what it signifies for the venerable multiplayer shooter. Counting down to a time later today, speculation is abound that we are about to see a major update to the game, …

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E3 – Reintroducing Gamers To Colors

In Features by Bob ReinhardLeave a Comment

So much gray. So much brown. So much black. That’s been the story of modern gaming ever since the push for “gritty realism” became a focal point of Triple A game marketing. And while there have always been the games that broke free of that to introduce a little more …

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Nintendo – E3’s Strong Female Protagonists

In Opinion by Bob Reinhard2 Comments

I’m going to blow your mind right now. Ready? Women. Play. Video Games. I KNOW… I know. Hard to believe, right? At least, I get the feeling it’s hard for the Triple A game publishers to believe. At some point on Monday during E3, after several hours of press conferences …

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The E3 Conference Wrap-Up: Part 2 – Sony And The Big N

In News by Bob Reinhard1 Comment

And onward we travel, into the second half of Artistry in Games’ E3 conference wrap-up! We already covered Microsoft, Ubisoft, and EA in part one, and now it’s time to move on to Sony and Nintendo, from Monday night and Tuesday morning respectively. We’d already seen a few surprises, a …

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Transistor Review

In Reviews by Caleb "Soapbox" Lott4 Comments

Beauty is only skin deep. While the phrase may have been coined with people in mind, it applies to video games as well. While a game may look gorgeous or appealing, once you delve into it you discover an ugly truth beneath the surface. Transistor is not a superficial beauty however, far …