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Still Alive! Aliens: Colonial Marines

In Series by Elijah BeahmLeave a Comment

It’s that time again folks. For those of you just joining us, welcome! Still Alive! is our ongoing series about multiplayer games that still cling to life long after they’ve passed the usual shelf life. Who plays these games? Are they really bad or just acquired tastes? What’s kept them …

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Still Alive! Dead Space 2: Outbreak

In Series by Elijah Beahm1 Comment

Oh boy, this one. This is a game that’s been repeatedly called out as not being unique and tacked-on. At many times, it’s been one of the poster children alongside Bioshock 2 as what makes “unnecessary multiplayer” (and we’ll be addressing Bioshock 2 in due time, have no doubt). Now …

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Legend of Grimrock 2 Review

In Reviews by Caleb "Soapbox" LottLeave a Comment

Note: Due to some technical difficulties with Steam, I have been unable to complete this game prior to release. This post will concern my thoughts on my experiences with the game for the eighteen hours I have played thus far. I will update this post when I have completed the …

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Alien: Isolation Review

In Reviews by Elijah Beahm1 Comment

The case of Alien Isolation is a complicated one, as it both completely achieves the goal of being a great Alien game, but fails in some respects as a horror game. Yes, those two ideas can be separate and in this case, it is very clear that if it wasn’t for certain things “needing” to happen due to the IP, it might have been a better game altogether.

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Out of the Abyss: Mental Illness in Horror Games

In Opinion by Kim BerkleyLeave a Comment

Madness has played a leading part in horror since long before the invention of digital entertainment, to the point where it has become a staple of the genre. Countless movies, books, themed attractions and campfire stories feature old standbys like haunted abandoned asylums, straight-jacketed inpatients screaming b***** murder at padded …

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Styx: Master of Shadows Review

In Reviews by Elijah Beahm2 Comments

Of Orcs & Men didn’t exactly light the world on fire when it released, but it definitely did leave an impression on those who played even just a portion of it. The mix of KotOR style combat, minor stealth mechanics, and quirky main duo lead to an interesting fantasy RPG …

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LA Cops (Early Access) Preview

In Opinion by Elijah Beahm2 Comments

A long time ago, I was lucky enough to review Hotline Miami. It was a brilliant game, so it really disappointed me knowing that most people would probably never play it due to the gruesome gore factor. It was a simple idea, executed very well, that never over stayed its …