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Earlier this morning, Nintendo made an announcement via their official Japanese Twitter account regarding their plans to start a YouTube affiliate programme that will split advertising proceeds with content creators.

The above tweet comes from Cheesemeister, an ever-helpful translator of Japanese gaming news. The significance of this announcement by Nintendo comes after their ongoing disputes with YouTube content creators over the last several months.

Many couldn’t understand what had caused Nintendo and several other large gaming companies to take a more hard line on content from their games being uploaded to YouTube back in later 2013. ‘Let’s Play’ videos and the like can be seen as advertising for the games featured in them, although it’s perhaps also understandable that there is some grey area when YouTube users are making advertising revenue for broadcasting someone else’s game.

While the exact terms of the affiliate programme haven’t been announced thus far, it seems like this sort of compromise could be the answer to the dispute, giving both Nintendo and the content creators their piece of the pie. However, the nature of how proceeds are split will almost certainly be key to whether this deal can undo the bad feeling towards Nintendo from a host of content creators hit by copyright claims back in December and since. That being said, this seems like another move that would suggest that Nintendo are beginning to learn from their past mistakes and make some of the progress that fans have been waiting on for quite some time.

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