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Iconic video game director Hideo Kojima took to Twitter yesterday to offer some information on Konami’s plans for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at E3 next month.

DualShockers reports that Kojima gave a bit more information in the Japanese version of his last tweet, suggesting that the trailer will allow players a peek at just how far Snake will fall.

Fans of Kojima and the Metal Gear series will no doubt be intrigued to find out just what the legendary director means by ‘different’. Early publicity for Metal Gear Solid V featured the mysterious Joakim Morgren, the heavily-bandaged, supposedly-Swedish head of the fictional Moby D*** Studios.

Before The Phantom Pain was revealed as an entry in the Metal Gear series, Mogren appeared in interviews hyping it as the first release from his burgeoning development house. The true nature of the game soon became clear, but debate surrounding Mogren continued to rage, mostly centred around whether he was a real human being or a demonstration of new facial animation tech to be used in The Phantom Pain.

The ballad of Joakim Mogren was certainly one of the stranger ways of promoting a new video game in recent years—and it will be very interesting to see what Kojima will come up with to top Mogren in terms of being ‘different’. Look out for more coverage of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain during E3 next month.

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