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GOD OF WAR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – First Two Hours!!! (PS4 PRO 4K Commentary 2018)

GOD OF WAR 2018 Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let’s Play Playthrough of GOD OF WAR with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 4K high definition. This GOD OF WAR walkthrough will be completed showcasing every level, mission, boss, and story ending.

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Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods. Having survived his final encounter with Zeus, Kratos now lives with his young son Atreus in the world of the Norse gods, a savage land inhabited by many ferocious monsters and warriors. To teach his son how to survive in such a world, Kratos must master the rage that has driven him for many years and embrace his newfound role as a single father and mentor. Kratos must also contend with the Norse gods themselves as they are taking precautions against him, due to them being aware of his role in the destruction of Olympus. Over the course of their time together, Atreus learns more about his father’s complicated and shady past, while struggling with whether to be like his father or choose to be his own person.

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Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release: April 20, 2018
Genre: Action Adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro

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