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Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 79)

Castlevania was a game that spawned an entire franchise of vampire-hunting escapades and was also one of the most classic NES game of all time. Up there with Super Mario Bros, Ninja Gaiden, Legend of Zelda and Megaman. Castlevania brings that classic NES charm and a fear of the night as you battle all kinds of monsters.
Castlevania was released by Konami in 1987 in America and received critically acclaiming reception. It was ranked 19 among IGNs favorite NES games. You play as Simon Belmont who armed with his whip the Vampire Killer must venture the dark corridors and staircases to kill the legendary vampire himself Dracula. Following Castlevania were of games for all different consoles from NES to the Xbox 260. Castlevania remains to be on the most classic franchises of out time.

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