All The Best Stuff Coming To Netflix In June 2019

Netflix is heating up this June with an exciting slate of new releases. From new seasons of fan favorites to pulse-pounding original films, here are the best new Netflix releases to add to your queue in June 2019.
We’re kicking off the month with one of the most hotly anticipated returns of the year. Black Mirror is storming onto Netflix, and the episode lineup looks just as crazy as the past installments.

Thanks to a series of trailers for the upcoming fifth season, we have an idea of what each of the three new episodes will entail. In “Rachel, Jack and Ashley too,” a lonely girl finally gets the chance to meet her favorite singer via a toy called an “Ashley Too,” only things get dark when the toy appears to channel more than the pop star’s personality. In “Striking Vipers,” a chance encounter kicks off a string of events that soon spiral out of control. And in “Smithereens,” an unbalanced cab driver goes on the ride of his life.

The early days of Netflix originals were filled with now-iconic titles, but one show stood out prominently enough to reach cult classic status: 3%, the Brazilian dystopian thriller you never knew you were missing until you watched it.

The first season of 3% introduced the premise of a population of young adults who have to compete against each other in a cutthroat competition called The Process. Only three percent of participants make it through and get the chance to live beyond famine and poverty.

We can’t get into the details of the rest of the season or its follow-up without spoiling all the twists, so suffice it to say that 3% is binge TV at its finest. Check it out when the third season drops on June 7th.

Cooking and travel shows are a dime a dozen, but Netflix’s upcoming original The Chef Show deserves a special mention, mainly for the people involved. The series sees Iron Man director Jon Favreau stepping in as producer, director, and star, alongside chef Roy Choi. It’s basically Jon Favreau cooking things and talking about food, which is fine all by itself, but the trailer also showcases some instantly familiar faces. Yup, it looks like half the stars of the MCU stopped by, with Robert Downey, Jr., Tom Holland, Gwyneth Paltrow, and even Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers sit down for a meal. Keep watching the video to see all the best stuff coming to Netflix in June 2019!

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Black Mirror: Season 5 | 0:13
3%: Season 3 | 0:56
The Chef Show | 1:37
I Am Mother | 2:43
Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story | 3:33
Murder Mystery | 4:17
Beats | 4:51
The Confession Tapes: Season 2 | 5:15
Dark: Season 2 | 5:52
Dope: Season 3 | 6:31
Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 3 | 7:04
New movies | 7:39
New television | 9:24


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