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So this is a tricky situation. Best part gameplay wise about this remake is you can tweak the settings how you see fit. In this case I put everything on hard but put the AI on survivor so it’s not exactly a 1 to 1 comparison with the Remaster gameplay I uploaded 3 weeks ago. You can also disable auto aim witch makes it considerably harder (you can’t turn off auto aim in the Remaster) Anyways, playing this section the way I did the remaster wasn’t exactly an option so I kind of had to switch up my tactics, the AI def flanks you much more intelligently & they will switch it up on you more often BUT it’s by no means perfect. Enemies still don’t have the greatest peripheral vision, will still just stand in place waiting to be shot or your AI companion will still just stand in the open…granted that specifically doesn’t seem to happen near as often as it did the original. The gore has been upgraded substantially 🙂

By DiamondDRE

Editor-in-Chief, creative director, illustrator, artist and gamer.