Artistry in Games Elden-Ring-Gameplay-Walkthrough-Redmane-Castle Elden Ring Gameplay Walkthrough - Redmane Castle News

This Elden Ring gameplay walkthrough will show you how to get into and then get through Redmane Castle in Caelid.
Disclaimer – This castle encounter will be very different if the Festival has already begun.

00:00 – How to Approach Redmane Castle
03:51 – Fighting the Fire-Sword Giant
05:37 – How to find the backdoor to the Castle
09:25 – Walking across the Castle Ramparts
11:32 – Walking through Redmane Castle
15:05 – Optional – Mad Pumpkin Head on the Ramparts
16:53 – Get past the Flamethrowers
17:48 – Optional – Exploring the Castle (Find the Red-Hot Whetblade)

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