Artistry in Games Xbox-SHOCKING-Reveal-Exclusives-Plan-for-Activision-Blizzard-on-Playstation-Xbox-Series-X-S Xbox SHOCKING Reveal - Exclusives Plan for Activision Blizzard on Playstation & Xbox Series X | S News

The Xbox platform has stood out among its competitors by offering more powerful hardware and a suite of unique exclusives over its 20-year series of generations on console and recently expanding to PC and now mobile devices. Exclusives are changing rapidly in the industry, with Playstation seeking out the PC gaming market, and blurring the lines of what it means to have Platform Exclusive games. Xbox recently put down 68.7 billion dollars to acquire Activision Blizzard, and the outcry of big Microsoft spending disrupting the industry shows the major concern for long-lived franchises being held from other popular platforms. Now the very word Exclusive, is dissolving away and Xbox stunned the Gaming Community with a new announcement that will change how we look at games on console, forever!

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