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Is Thanos about to pull a Michael Myers and come back for another film after his death?

According to a new report from We Got This Covered, the Mad Titan made famous in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Josh Brolin could be making a triumphant return in the next MCU saga.

The outlet cites an anonymous source that claims Thanos will rear his massive purple head once again in the, quote, “upcoming Annihilation storyline” of the MCU which hasn’t been confirmed, mind you. There’s also reportedly a possibility that the intergalactic despot who died twice in Avengers: Endgame once via beheading at the hands of Thor…

… and later when Tony Stark used his own take on the Infinity Gauntlet to snap past Thanos out of existence will make a cameo in The Eternals, popping up in sequences that show him in his younger years. This could kick off Thanos’ big return to the MCU, with a brief appearance in the Chloé Zhao -directed feature, due out on November 6, 2020, leading into a more prominent presence in films that will tell the Annihilation story and introduce the MCU to the villain named Annihilus.

We Got This Covered expressed confidence in its source and the information they have provided, as the person or people claiming that Thanos’ return is on the horizon is the same source that indicated Taskmaster would be the villain in the forthcoming Black Widow movie.

Based on the source’s track record, one could easily be convinced that Thanos is coming back to the MCU. Rumors about Annihilus potentially joining the Marvel movie world have swirled for ages – does this mean that Marvel will actually tell the Annihilation comics storyline in the future and that Thanos will be a part of it?

Written by Keith Giffen with editor Andy Schmidt and a host of artists, Annihilation focuses on many of the space-related characters in the Marvel Universe as they face off with Annihilus, an alien whose unquenched thirst for conquest causes him to unleash the Annihilation Wave onto the galaxy.

Annihilus is responsible for the attacks in the storyline and Thanos, with the guidance of villains Skreet and Mistress Death, initially forms an alliance with him. Eventually, though, Thanos decides to betray Annihilus when he realizes he’s planning to wipe out all life in the universe. Hmm… where have we heard that one before? Keep watching the video as we tell you this is when Thanos will reportedly make his triumphant return!

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