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Audiences have been invested in the MCU since the first “Iron Man” movie kicked it off in 2008. That’s well over a decade, and so much can change in 10+ years. If you’ve kept up with all of the Marvel movies, you know that quite a few child actors got their chance to become part of the MCU. Well, as the old saying goes, “They grow up so fast,” and the entire Marvel movie franchise really proves this adage to be true. Many of these young actors have had a lot of time to grow and come into their own. This is what these MCU child actors look like today.

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Ty Simpkins | 0:00
Dakota Goyo | 1:21
Wyatt Oleff | 2:35
Abby Ryder Fortson | 3:44
Ariana Greenblatt | 4:51
Kylen Davis | 5:50
Ben Sakamoto | 6:47
Josie Totah | 7:44

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