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People who collect lots of stuff are generally pretty interesting characters, and History’s “American Pickers” has come across plenty of really compelling folks with barns full of collectibles in their travels across the country.

One such person is “Hobo” Jack Sophir, who has appeared on two episodes of the show, once during the second season and again in the sixth. In just those two appearances, Hobo Jack has gained a whole lot of fans. So who is this bearded, gray-haired, guitar picking fellow? He’s not really a hobo, we can tell you that for sure. Here’s the truth about Hobo Jack from “American Pickers.”

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Who is he? | 0:00
He’s pretty well off | 1:01
Published author | 2:28
Mike coined the nickname | 3:25
Lifetime collector | 4:36
Exaggerated death rumors | 5:08

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