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For decades, Nicolas Cage has entertained the world in some of the most explosive blockbusters of all time. And with the release of Massive Talent, Nicolas Cage finally takes on the role he’s been preparing to play for a lifetime: Nicolas Cage. The film marks the culmination of so many memorable moments from Cage’s legendary screen career, from his sprawling adventure stories to some searing action-dramas. But how’d we get to this perfect point of meta-movie-madness? Let’s take a look back and rank the best Nicolas Cage action movies ever. And don’t miss #MassiveTalent, in theaters this weekend.

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Ghost Rider | 0:00
Drive Angry | 1:30
Knowing | 2:18
Windtalkers | 3:05
Joe | 3:40
Red Rock West | 4:26
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans | 5:00
National Treasure | 5:44
Gone in 60 Seconds | 6:31
Kick-A** | 7:14
Lord of War | 8:05
Matchstick Men | 8:47
Raising Arizona | 9:44
Pig | 10:36
Mandy | 11:23
The Rock | 11:51
Face/Off | 12:21
Con Air | 13:18

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