Small Things You Probably Missed In Hellboy

Fans have been waiting years to find out which new twists would be added to the story by the new creative team for the rebooted Hellboy franchise. We’re gritting our teeth, dusting off our tomes of BPRD history, and casting a spell of blood magic to bring you all the small details you missed in the 2019 version of Hellboy.

Hellboy starts the movie heading to Mexico to find a missing B.P.R.D. agent and close friend, Esteban. He finds his old pal wrestling in a lucha libre arena under the name Camazotz, seemingly indifferent to Hellboy’s concern.

In the comic storyline Hellboy in Mexico, Hellboy teams up with a group of 1950s luchadores while fighting vampires in Mexico. After a night of heavy drinking, one of the brothers, Esteban, wanders out into the night and gets turned into a vampiric luchador called Camazotz. The movie closely follows the storyline, as Hellboy is forced to battle against the giant bat creature, impaling him on a ring post. The movie even includes the months-long drinking bender that Hellboy goes on afterwards.

Watch the video for more Small Things You Probably Missed In Hellboy!

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Hellboy the luchador | 0:17
Nefarious organizations | 0:58
Eye see what you did | 1:43
Always set a deadline | 2:23
The red herring prophecy | 3:11
The Wild Hunt | 3:41
What’s your sign? | 4:08
Just a hand | 4:36
Beware my claw | 5:13
Abe in the tank | 6:04
Spirits with spirits | 6:47


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