Artistry in Games SEA-OF-FRIENDS-Sloop-MVP-Kraken-Karma-22-Sea-of-Thieves SEA OF FRIENDS: Sloop MVP & Kraken Karma!  2/2 (Sea of Thieves) News  Video Two Thieves Swords sword Ships ship sea of thieves sea sails Sailing sail rare raid Play Pirates pirate PC part Online of multiplayer mexican let's gassymexican gassy gaming games Gameplay game friends fight cutlass crream combat cletusbueford Cannons cannon burkeblack blunderbuss Battle

Watch as myself and my shipmates of The Dirty Skull (our crew and ship name) fight against persistent galleons while trying to do a raid. Our supplies start run low…BUT THEN…what’s this? A sloop that is aligned to our cause? It’s SEA OF FRIENDS! Enjoy! ;D

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