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As much as a career in Hollywood may seem like the ultimate dream come true, it’s not for everyone. Even actors who make it big sometimes realize later on that they weren’t feeling fulfilled. Of course, leaving these careers behind isn’t always a choice.

Sadly, many actors suffer from tragedies we cannot imagine. And whether we see it or not, their struggles can force them to quit the business altogether. Whether it was a personal choice or a major tragedy, these are the sad reasons these actors had to quit Hollywood.

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Amanda Bynes | 0:00
Cameron Diaz | 2:07
Christopher Reeve | 3:22
Michael J. Fox | 4:52
Shelley Duvall | 6:19
Mara Wilson | 8:09
Tim Curry | 9:07
Greta Garbo | 10:10
Frances Farmer | 11:11

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