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Destiny Beta Preview

In Opinion by Elijah Beahm2 Comments

Their time has come! No longer under the thumb of Microsoft, Bungie is free to make anything they want! So what did they do first? They ran straight under the thumb of Activision, and are basically remaking Halo by way of Borderlands and a dash of the Syndicate reboot. Staying …

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Warface Preview

In Opinion by Elijah BeahmLeave a Comment

Dear Reader, If you just want a yay or nay on whether to try the Warface open beta on Steam, I’m going to save you a lot of time here. Nay. Nay to the highest power. Never touch Warface. Never glance at it, never consider it, do not believe any …

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The Wolf Among Us Review

In Reviews by Caleb "Soapbox" Lott2 Comments

Gamers interested in Telltale games seem to fall into two camps. Those who buy the games as soon as the opportunity arises, and those who wait until the end of a season to gobble everything up in a marathon run. I happen to fall into the latter, and thus recently …

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Crest: Rewriting The Laws Of The God Game

In Features by Bob ReinhardLeave a Comment

The God Game is a somewhat strange genre. It’s been around for quite awhile, usually most successful on PC, but it’s never been the kind of genre to make a huge splash. Perhaps it’s the micromanaging and the generally slow pacing, not to mention the steep learning curve that is …

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Titanfall (Post-Launch) Review

In Reviews by Elijah Beahm1 Comment

When Titanfall was first revealed, it came with a hefty, hype-filled promise. Respawn and EA told us it would be the next generation of online multiplayer. Now, while those cynical among the community (myself included) were wary of such promises, I can’t help but feel disappointed at Respawn’s final product. …

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Knightmare Tower Interview

In Interviews by Elijah BeahmLeave a Comment

Fans of Kongregate may recognize developer Juicy Beast, the studio behind such titles as Burrito Bison and Feed the King. The four-man studio has put together a large number of games since their initial appearance on the browser gaming scene in 2009. Steam users however got their first taste of …

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Game Over: Facing Failure

In Opinion by Kim Berkley1 Comment

Gamers are no strangers to failure. Hauntingly unsolvable puzzles, platform levels requiring the sort of ninja skills only an actual ninja could possess, bosses who literally rip characters to shreds – we’ve seen it all. The fatal “game over” screen, while dreaded, rarely comes as a surprise. When we play, …