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Plague Inc: Evolved on Steam Early Access

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Hallelujah! Wait, is it wrong to use that word when referencing a game where you play the part of a plague and strategically try to wipe out the planet? Oh well, nothing says it better. After burning through many hours on the iOS version of Plague Inc, Ndemic Creations announced …

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Pixels: Squares By Any Other Name

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As a gamer, I often think to myself how we have almost as many styles of game artwork as we have genres of game. Games themselves being artwork, while hotly contested by some, is readily embraced by people like myself that see awesome people making awesome art into a game. …

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The Importance of Music in Video Games

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Video games are evolving incredibly quickly at the moment, and new technology is constantly being developed, allowing game designers to reach into previously unknown territory. Many people credit video game success to the visual elements of the game – this is true to a certain degree, but there’s another factor …

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The Sound of Soccer: FIFA 14 Soundtrack Review

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Music is essential for any game. The ability to evoke emotions through the beats of the drums or the strumming of the guitar can make one’s gaming experience much more satisfying. Especially for sports games like FIFA, the various handpicked soundtracks by Electronic Arts (EA) are always well received. This year, …