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10th Annual BAFTA Video Game Awards: Sony Exclusives Win Big!

In News by Bob Reinhard1 Comment

It’s been ten years since the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (a.k.a. BAFTA) began recognizing video games with their own special awards. While still not well known among American audiences (though notably more respectful and less cringe-worthy than its consistently awkward American counterpart the VGX awards), the BAFTA …

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Polygons ≠ Emotions

In Opinion by Caleb "Soapbox" LottLeave a Comment

David Cage really likes emotions. When asked what the future of gaming is, he simply replies, “Emotion.” Obviously as developers mature and grow as humans,  they want to attempt to make more emotionally involving stories for the player to experience. But Mr. Cage has a unique opinion on how to …

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Read Before Remaking

In Features by Kim Berkley3 Comments

Every longtime gamer has at least one. Even if it’s not sitting on the shelf anymore – sold in a garage sale, perhaps, or lent to a friend who still swears it’s around the house somewhere – it’s been preserved, in the original packaging, of course, in the digital library …

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Skyrim Ascends to Classical Greats

In News by Jesi JacksonLeave a Comment

Bethesda recently tweeted out to fans and followers, asking them to cast their vote for Jeremy Soule ‘s work in Skyrim to be chosen among the greats in the Classic FM Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is an annual record of the top 300 classic pieces and composers …

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USERGENERATION: Samuel Villarreal

In Series by Brad Jones3 Comments

User Generation looks at people who use video games to create something for themselves. The subject for this week in Samuel Villarreal, a well-established figure in the DOOM community who found his way into professional games development. “Since kindergarten, I’ve been fascinated by mazes,” Samuel tells me. “I was very …

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Musical Moments: To The Moon

In Series by Caleb "Soapbox" Lott1 Comment

To The Moon is an indie narrative game from Freebird Games. The narrative follows two doctors who seek to help a dying man named Johnny achieve his lifelong dream, to go to the moon. However, Johnny does not remember why he wants to go to the moon. What follows is …