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Musical Moments: Bioshock Infinite

In Series by Caleb "Soapbox" LottLeave a Comment

Bioshock Infinite was one of the most interesting and thought-provoking games of recent years. With themes of racism, jingoism, and class disparity, among others, the game raised many hard questions for players to wrestle. The game was also intense with a plethora of firefights with homicidal George Washington robots and misguided racists …

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Musical Moments: The Walking Dead Season 2

In Series by Caleb "Soapbox" Lott1 Comment

With the release of The Walking Dead: Season Two, Telltale Games allows gamers to dive into their favorite narrative driven zombie apocalypse once again. While it may be hard to top Season One in the minds of the audience, the second season is shaping up admirably so far with some intense moments and character …

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Gaming as a Parent: The Last of Us

In Features by Caleb "Soapbox" Lott1 Comment

Being a parent is an exhilarating and terrifying experience. There is nothing else quite like it in the world. Being a parent changes you and your perception of the world. The goal of this series is to examine a game, idea, or concept through the viewpoint of a gamer parent. …

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Interactive Storytelling: The Art of Imaginative Gaming

In Opinion by Kim Berkley2 Comments

Photorealistic graphics. Motion tracking. Character expression rendering. Virtual reality. Heck, even The Matrix doesn’t seem so far-fetched these days. In a culture of bigger, better, faster, more, it’s all too easy to forget that less can be more, too. And if developers are doing all of the heavy lifting, artistically …