Artistry in Games Nintendo-Issues-A-Surprising-Update-And-A-Huge-PS5-Game-Leaks-Early-News-Wave Nintendo Issues A Surprising Update And A Huge PS5 Game Leaks Early? | News Wave News

Out of nowhere Nintendo released an update for an older system causing a lot of confusion online. Sony is preparing several new series and movies with their gaming properties and now it looks like a huge title may have leaked early to go along with a new series.

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00:00 – Start

00:46 – Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Dated

1:48 – Fantavision 202X Announced For PSVR2

3:08 – Super Nintendo World Hollywood Opening Dated

4:02 – Nintendo Issues Update For Mario Kart 7 On 3DS

7:10 – The Last Of Us Part 3 Is Rumored

10:04 – PS Plus Update

13:58 – Fable Reportedly Seeing Development Problems

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18:13 – Comment Of The Day

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