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Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headphones, Stereo USB Computer Headset, Noise Cancelling, Over Ear Soft Earmuff, LED Light, Volume Mic Control for PC, PS4
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Looking for a new gaming headset? In this unboxing and review we test the Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset. These gaming headphones feature 7.1 surround sound, LED lights, and a high quality mic. All that for $25 on Amazon.

The Mpow EG3 gaming headset is compatible with PS4 and Windows PC, it is not compatible with Xbox. The headphones will work with Apple Mac computers but the software will not.

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Pros of the Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset:
• Included software that adds effects to change both the system / game audio as well as add sound fx to your voice through the mic
• Very comfortable design with suspension headband with very soft ear muffs
• Cool looking white LED lights in each earmuff
• Nylon braided cable ensures it last long and doesn’t tangle
• Awesome looking deign with metal and great looking Mpow logo
• Very sturdy build with must of the headphones being metal
Similar design to Sades Spirit Wolf

Cons of the Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset:
• The size seems to be very large. I have a big head and I feel these are a little big on my head
• Headband suspension does not fully support the Mpow EG3 Headphones. This means the earmuffs and sometimes sit on your ear lobe.
• Software only compatible with Windows PC

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