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It Looks Like The Epic Plot For The Batman Has Been Revealed

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The Batman rumors and leaks just keep on coming. Let’s get it out of the way from the start: potential spoilers for the newest Batman flick lay ahead.

According to We Got This Covered, sources familiar with the production are reporting that the forthcoming film’s plot will focus on the efforts of the World’s Greatest Detective to track down a serial killer on the loose in Gotham City. Writer/director Matt Reeves is said to be taking his cues from the iconic Batman comic miniseries “The Long Halloween” in crafting his story.

Previously, separate alleged leaks that hit the web have indicated that the Robert Pattinson-starring flick will feature no fewer than six villains, with the Penguin and Catwoman being front and center. Also said to be taking part in the villainous goings-on: the Riddler, Two-Face, Firefly, and the Mad Hatter.

Reeves has previously stated that he’ll be going for a much different version of the Dark Knight than any we’ve seen on film thus far, one which will highlight the Caped Crusader’s legendary detective skills. It’ll be a more grounded, noir-ish take on the Batman mythos than has previously been explored in the character’s multiple cinematic incarnations.

According to We Got This Covered’s sources, The Batman’s plot will follow Bruce Wayne as he attempts to get to the bottom of a rash of mysterious murders plaguing Gotham City. Presumably, this investigation will take him down multiple paths — and this is where the flick’s large assortment of iconic baddies could come into play. The report’s insiders assert that, while Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler will be featured prominently, the remaining three villains will be relegated to comparatively minor roles. There’s no word yet on whether or not all the bad guys will be fully fledged villains, or if they’ll be versions of those characters who have yet to fully develop into themed super-jerks.

But this wouldn’t be the first time a superhero flick would have a large assortment of bad guys appearing in various stages of their careers. Just a couple years ago, Spider-Man: Homecoming featured the Vulture as the main villain, but also boasted appearances large and small from Spidey bad guys like the Tinkerer, Scorpion, the Prowler, and two Shockers. That’s six villains right there, so the groundwork for The Batman to follow a similar path to success has already been laid at the movie theater.

Overall, The Batman could be laying the foundation for a series of movies whose antagonists will have fleshed-out backstories and well-established motivations — things which other superhero films afflicted with the dreaded Villain Bloat have neglected to provide. We’re looking at you, Spider-Man 3.

At any rate, we’ve previously expressed our opinion that Reeves — a very capable filmmaker who knows his way around a good story — knows what he’s doing in taking on the formidable task of rebooting Batman yet again. Keep watching as we talk about how it looks like the epic plot for The Batman has been revealed!

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