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Kickstarter has been a great outlet for creative developers to try new ideas and mechanics for games they might not be able to otherwise. There have been several games I have seen on Kickstarter I had no idea I wanted to play until I saw the pitch or the game in action. Innerspace is one of those games. Taking their love for Crimson Skies and Shadow of the Colossus, among others, Polyknight Games have sought to create a flight-based exploration game. Seeing the game in action brings up pleasant memories of playing Crimson Skies, with the Microsoft Sidewinder joystick no less, in my youth.

Some of the team was so awesome as to chat with me for a bit about the game. What started out as basic questions quickly evolved into an in-depth examination of mechanics, systems, and what Innerspace does to set it apart from other games of its ilk. The team is extremely passionate, something which is obvious given their explanations of the game they are working so hard to create.

Check out the interview embedded from our YouTube channel below for your listening pleasure! Make sure to take a look at the Kickstarter page for Innerspace as well.


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