Hulk’s Entire MCU Timeline Finally Explained

Few heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been as fun to follow over the years as the Hulk. From his perpetual inner conflict to his temper, nearly limitless strength, and near invincibility, the character has plotted a uniquely absorbing story that few of his fellow heroes can match. Here’s his story in full.

While you can find “the beginning” for most MCU heroes simply by heading back to their origin stories, the earliest moments of the Hulk’s timeline are a little harder to pin down. The problem is, Hulk technically doesn’t have an MCU origin story like he does in other movies. Not in detail, anyway. In fact, his story begins several years after the “Other Guy” already came into existence.

However, over time and through hints, exposition, and flashbacks, it becomes clear that Banner originally volunteered to test his own gamma radiation experiment on himself, and things quickly went very wrong. The experiment led to the creation of the Hulk, a being that, in simplistic terms, shares a body and mind with Bruce Banner — although for many years, only one could express themselves at any one time.

Not long after the accident, the duo find themselves on the lam. These early years are rough for Banner, who is constantly tracked by the U.S. Army. He struggles to contain the Hulk in order to stay quiet and out of sight. After several years of moving around, the scientist finds himself living a secret life as a fugitive in Brazil, where he focuses on anger management and searches for ways to reverse his “condition.”

By 2008, Banner has spent nearly half a year hiding in Brazil, where he works in a bottling factory. However, his tenuous situation is upended when General “Thunderbolt” Ross finally tracks him down. When this happens, he transforms into the Hulk, blows his cover, and goes back on the run. The ensuing adventure sees Banner return to America, where he reunites with his sweetheart, the general’s daughter Betty Ross, and continues his quest to “heal” himself of his condition. Keep watching the video as to see Hulk’s entire MCU timeline finally explained!

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Life on the run | 0:18
Hulk vs. Abomination | 1:25
Avengers | 2:40
The Battle of New York | 3:37
Ultron | 4:27
Adventures on Sakaar | 5:25
End of days | 6:29
Professor Hulk | 7:37
Time travel | 8:23
Unearthly powers | 9:18
What’s next? | 10:06


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