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How Kit Harington Got Ripped For Game Of Thrones

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From Game of Thrones to Pompeii, Kit Harington has taken his chiseled body to screens large and small. Reviews never fail to notice just how jacked this dude always manages to be. We’ve noticed, too. Here’s how he does it.

From Game of Thrones’ brutal, body-twisting battle scenes to the sword-and-sandal action of 2014’s Pompeii, Harington has had to conquer quite a few stunts. Turns out, this is a solid way to get and stay in shape.

As an actor, Harington has had to manipulate his body in numerous ways. One of his favorite ways to push the limits is by training with stunt actors, thus cutting out the middleman and learning action choreography as he trains in a way that’s consistent with the character he’s playing.

As he told Vanity Fair, his role in Pompeii demanded daily training for four hours in addition to a very specialized diet.

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Training with stunt actors | 0:14
Working on his swordsmanship | 0:56
A specifically calibrated diet | 1:28
Cable-based workouts | 2:25
Hitting the largest muscle groups | 3:13
Always warming up | 4:00
Changing up his routine | 4:35

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