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Herbert Calls Kid’s House on COD: GHOSTS

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Herbert the Pervert uses the African Drug Lord’s demonic abilities to track the address, name, and phone number of a young boy on Ghosts in order to convince him he is Santa Claus and gain access to his p*** chimney. Instead it just leads to a pissed of mother and a grounded young boy.

Caller I.D spoofing brought to you by:

Give me a phone number and I’ll prank call it for this channel! JUST FILL THIS OUT

African Drug Lord SHIRTS!

No soundboards or voice modifications used
Nothing in this video is scripted
I met everyone in the lobby randomly (proof in the beginning as I join his session)
Nothing in this video is illegal, permission to use this was granted after the video took place

Royalty free music – Tom Kent – A Very Christmas Theme

Extra Notes: The boy never ended up grounded, so relax.Before I was busy with work/school but now I am spending 7 hours per day making videos. With the time it took me to make this one, you can expect about 1 video per week. I will be doing a lot more African Drug Lord, as well as many other awesome characters I have prepared. Thank you guys so much for the support you have given me, I can’t wait to make this year a memorable one!

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