Artistry in Games Haunted-Castle-Castlevania-Arcade-Game-Full-Playthrough Haunted Castle - Castlevania Arcade Game - Full Playthrough News  walkthrough Vampire playthrough PlayStation 2 Play Platforming platform game NES Castlevania NES Mike Matei Mike Medusa Konami Haunted Castle Walkthrough Haunted Castle Playthrough Haunted Castle Haunted Hardest Video Game Hardest Game Ever Hard Arcade Game Gameplay game Full frankenstein Dracula Difficult Arcade Game Cinemassacre Castlevania cinemassacre Castlevania Playthrough castlevania Castle avgn arcade game arcade Akumajō Dracula 1988 Arcade

Full playthrough of Haunted Castle, the Castlevania arcade game (Akumajō Dracula) by Mike Matei.
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First time playing
Made it to Golem
Beat Frankenstein

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