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Without a doubt, Quentin Tarantino is one of the most iconic filmmakers of the past couple of generations. His slow and steady approach to filmmaking (both in the pace of his movies and in his production schedule), combined with these films’ bombastically violent and sensationalist content, makes these compelling movies very distinct. Tarantino has been very clear that he wishes to produce a very strong filmography, with each picture having a respected place in the world of cinema. While we agree that he has achieved this, certain Tarantino moves are better than others. Here’s every Quentin Tarantino movie ranked from worst to best.

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Four Rooms | 0:00
Natural Born Killers | 1:30
Death Proof | 2:23
The Hateful Eight | 3:24
Jackie Brown | 4:21
From Dusk Till Dawn | 5:13
True Romance | 6:05
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | 7:00
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 | 8:07
Reservoir Dogs | 8:57
Django Unchained | 10:03
Inglourious B******* | 11:04
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 | 12:13
Pulp Fiction | 12:58

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