Artistry in Games 9482902081_3310db0122_o EVE Documentary 'A Tale of Internet Spaceships' Premieres July 11 News  news film eve online

EVE OnlineA Tale of Internet Spaceships, a new documentary profiling behemoth space-faring MMO EVE Online is set to premiere next month. Setting out to investigate ‘the sometimes complicated relationship between EVE’s dedicated player base and the games’ developers,’ the film comes from a group of students studying at Malmö University in Sweden.

After raising a budget of $3000 on IndieGogo back in 2013, Sorgenfri Productions set out to an EVE convention held in Reykjavik to gather footage for their documentary. Somewhat ideal timing allowed the team to capture reaction to the game’s controversial Incarna expansion—a crucial moment in the history of EVE Online and a fascinating strand to this documentary. The community that surrounds EVE Online is regularly touted as one of the most interesting in all of gaming. Huge sums of money are regularly lost in the game as ships that have been paid for in real life are destroyed in-game by packs of space pirates. For those not familiar with the game, A Tale of Internet Spaceships looks set to be an engrossing look at a peculiar and captivating corner of modern gaming. A Tale of Internet Spaceships will premiere in Malmö on July 11, with the film being available for free on websites like Vimeo and YouTube at the same time.

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