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Disney was founded almost a century ago, and in the years ‘tween now and then, numerous Disney tales have become part of the international canon of childhood stories. Disney animation has been one of the most influential styles of the past century, and it has been so successful because of the work and inspiration that went into it. These massive creative projects have causes urban legends to be kicked up in their wake. However, not all of these tall tales are untrue. In fact, some of the wackiest rumors about Disney movies would not make Pinocchio’s nose grow. These are Disney movie facts that sound fake but are actually real.

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‘The Rescuers’ was NSFW | 0:00
The spaghetti incident | 0:59
Hyena experts boycotted ‘The Lion King’ | 1:58
Emma Watson turned down ‘Cinderella’ | 2:49
Walt the deerslayer | 3:56
‘Robin Hood’ uses recycled animation | 5:06
‘Tangled’ cost a fortune | 6:22
Tim Burton’s ‘The Fox and the Hound’ | 7:47
Ursula was inspired by a drag queen | 8:36
‘Snow White’ makes you wet your pants | 9:49
‘Toy Story 2’ was almost deleted | 10:22

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