Leo’s Fortune: Interview with Lead Designer, Anders Hejdenberg

June 23, 2014

Leo’s Fortune is a platform adventure game for iOS created by a small team of game designers. The title features beautifully rendered artwork, excellent gameplay, and wonderful storytelling and voice work. Two months since my first go at this game and the experience is still playing back in my head. Founded by Johan Knutzen, Shahrouz […]

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Tribute Games Interview – Gaming’s Ultimate Cover Band

June 20, 2014

Gaming’s ultimate cover band. That’s one way I would describe the small, but impressive, studio that is Tribute Games. Like the best cover bands, Tribute Games showcases the best bits of gaming’s past. But unlike those bands, they do not simply regurgitate those old releases, and instead make titles that are entirely new that can […]

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Nonadecimal Interview – Social Justice Warriors

May 27, 2014

The term “Social Justice Warrior” has been used to disrupt conversation about various civil rights issues across the internet, and has become increasingly apparent across social media over the last few years in particular. One game developer saw this situation, and decided to take a satirical look at the futility of ugly name-calling, side-taking, and the effects […]

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Dead Synchronicity: Interview with Luis Olivan, Producer

May 19, 2014

Dead Synchronicity is an upcoming point and click game coming to us from Fictiorama Studios. The title is a throwback to adventure games from the past but with a more mature, and darker story. Luis, Producer and PR Manager, took some time out of his busy schedule to divulge some insights into this compelling adventure.  AiG: Hi Luis, thanks […]

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Merritt Kopas Talks Polish, Process and Space/Off

May 9, 2014

If you look at the lecture notes for ‘I’m a Transsexual Witch Poet Gamecrafter and You Can Too’, a talk that Merritt Kopas gave at IndieCade East earlier this year, about halfway down page four you’ll see three words given the benefit of capital letters and the proper breathing room to make their point known. POLISH IS POISON However, […]

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Doggins - Brain&Brain iOS Game

Doggins: An Interview with Brain&Brain

May 8, 2014

Do androids dream of electric sheep? To be honest, I have no clue. I’ll leave that one up to Philip D***. What I have confirmed, however, after watching my canine friend curiously twitching through sleep, is that dogs do indeed dream. Brooke and David Condolora, the husband and wife team behind indie developer Brain&Brain have […]

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Interview with Erik Olofsson: Lead Artist on Path of Exile

February 7, 2014

Burned into the mind is the long echo of a legion of mouse clicks furiously pressing their way through the darkness, hand in hand with the fire red glow of a computer monitor. There is no doubt that this has become a shared memory of all the gamers who have spent countless hours forging through […]

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