Artistry in Games Call-of-Duty-Blackout-vs.-Fortnite-The-Future-of-Battle-Royale-Fortnite-Show-Ep.-3 Call of Duty Blackout vs. Fortnite: The Future of Battle Royale - Fortnite Show Ep. 3 News  Xbox One Treyarch Talkshow Shooter Raven Software PC Mac iPhone IGN games fortnite show fortnite battle royale Fortnite Epic Games -- Poland epic games Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 call of duty black ops blackout Black Ops 4 Beenox battle royale Android Activision Action #ps4

The team discusses what Call of Duty Blackout means for Fortnite, the trap damage increase, and the new solo showdown mode.

By DiamondDRE

Editor-in-Chief, creative director, illustrator, artist and gamer.

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