Author: Jesi Jackson

Dragon Age 2 Character Art

The Evolution of Dragon Age

April 3, 2014

Evolution is a necessity for all things, especially in today’s entertainment industry, where companies must adapt to their audience’s preferences quickly or perish in their competitor’s wake. Since the first game was released to the public, video games have grown and expanded exponentially to continue entertaining its growing audience. Bioware has recently released more information […]

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Skyrim Dragonborn

Skyrim Ascends to Classical Greats

March 10, 2014

Bethesda recently tweeted out to fans and followers, asking them to cast their vote for Jeremy Soule ‘s work in Skyrim to be chosen among the greats in the Classic FM Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is an annual record of the top 300 classic pieces and composers put together through a voting […]

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